Energy industry projects and maintenance services

Energy industry projects and maintenance services

Our services include design and modification work for energy and process industry facilities, maintenance planning and supervision, and spare parts services. 

Design and modifications

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Installation supervision

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Maintenance planning

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Spare parts

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Our references

Savukanava ja putkistoasennukset Caligo Industrial

Caligo Industrial Oy

Flue and duct installations as a turnkey service.

Öljykattilan siirto ja kytkentä Kauhajoen Lämpöhuolto

Kauhajoen Lämpöhuolto Oy

Old oil-fired boiler transfer and connection, complete delivery of crushing and washer facilities.

Savukaasupesurin nosto ja siirto Haapajärven Lämpö

Haapajärven Lämpö Oy

Old flue gas scrubber lifting and transferring operations, installation supervision

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